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TitleIf God Invented Baseball
AuthorMiller, E. Ethelbert
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1POETRY / American/African American & Black
Category Full 2SPORTS & RECREATION / Baseball/General
Category Full 3POETRY / American/General
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Here are poems that celebrate and interpret the game by one of America's finest poets. They are for everyone who has experienced the magic released when three holy things come together: bat, ball and glove.

"Ethelbert Miller is one of the most significant and influential poets of our time."

--Gwendolyn Brooks
TitleA New Reality
AuthorSalk, Jonas, Dr.
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy/Social Policy
Category Full 2SCIENCE / System Theory
Category Full 3SCIENCE / Global Warming & Climate Change
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A New Reality: Human Evolution for a Sustainable Future provides a startling, fresh new message of understanding, perspective and hope for today’s tense, rapid-fire, kaleidoscopically changing world.
TitleThe Change Maker's Playbook
AuthorRadin, Amy J.
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management
Category Full 2BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Leadership
Category Full 3BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Decision-Making & Problem Solving
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2020 Book Excellence Award Winner

In The Change Maker’s Playbook, Amy Radin shares her insight-driven, down-to-earth approach to deliver innovation results under today's uncertain, complex, and rapidly changing conditions.
TitleAligned for Success
AuthorShaeffer, Brenda, PT, DPT
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1HEALTH & FITNESS / General
Category Full 2HEALTH & FITNESS / Exercise/General
Category Full 3MEDICAL / Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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How to reach your fitness goals, prevent pain and injury, and achieve optimal performance in work, sports, and life.
TitleThe Good Night Sleep Tight Workbook for Children with Special Needs
AuthorWest, Kim, LCSW-C
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting/General
Category Full 2FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Children with Special Needs
Category Full 3HEALTH & FITNESS / Children's Health
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With its easy-to-use and clear step-by-step format, the Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook will help tired parents create and follow an effective sleep plan to achieve sleep success for their kids with special needs—toddlers to tweens.
TitleThe Melon
AuthorGoldman, Amy
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1GARDENING / Vegetables
Category Full 2PHOTOGRAPHY / Subjects & Themes/Food
Category Full 3GARDENING / Pictorial
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Melons are the vegetable garden’s crown jewels—and Amy Goldman’s lifelong passion and calling. Her new book, THE MELON, will entice and educate, whether you are a passionate gardener, a locavore, or simply delight in the inherent beauty and evanescence of the fruits of the vine.
TitleThe Fall of a Great American City
AuthorBaker, Kevin
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology/Urban
Category Full 2ARCHITECTURE / Urban & Land Use Planning
Category Full 3BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Urban & Regional
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The Fall of a Great American City is the story of what is happening today in New York City and in many other cities across America. It is about how the crisis of affluence is now driving out everything we love most about cities:  small shops, decent restaurants, public space, street life, affordable apartments, responsive government, beauty, idiosyncrasy, each other.  This is the story of how we came to lose so much—how the places we love most were turned over to land bankers, billionaires, the worst people in the world, and criminal landlords—and how we can - and must - begin to take them back.
Co-published with Harper's Magazine, where an earlier version of this essay was originally published in 2018.
TitleConnecticut Yankee
AuthorCross, Wilbur L
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government/Local
Category Full 2BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Political
Category Full 3BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Literary Figures
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Equal parts nostalgic, witty, self-serving, and frank, Connecticut Yankee is an entertaining and informative memoir of the state and a scholar who shaped it. Connecticut native, Yale graduate, Yale professor and dean, and finally, unlikely Governor of the State of Connecticut during the crucial Depression years, Wilbur L. Cross’s autobiography tells a great American story.
TitleTime to Fly
AuthorHamra, Eileen Robertson
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1SELF-HELP / Death, Grief, Bereavement
Category Full 3BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing/General
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Reality, as Eileen Robertson Hamra perceived it, instantaneously altered the moment authorities confirmed that the plane her husband was piloting had crashed, and he had not survived.

In the process of mourning her loss, with three young children in tow, where Eileen wandered and landed was nothing short of miraculous. Between the valleys of grief and the peaks of hope, she discovered that keeping promises to the dead is a lifelong act, and honoring one love does not mean foregoing the freedom and joy that is found in reopening your heart, trusting in new love, and expanding your definition of family. 
TitleRagtime in the White House
AuthorVestner, Eliot
Sub-ImprintCity Point Press
Category Full 1BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Presidents & Heads of State
Category Full 2HISTORY / United States/19th Century
Category Full 3HISTORY / United States/General
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History played a trick on McKinley. He has been consigned to the shadows between Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, vilified or ignored by historians . . . It is a richly undeserved fate.