Libra Press
TitleThe Trip Journal
AuthorLevy, Ronan
Sub-ImprintLibra Press
Category Full 1SELF-HELP / Journaling
Category Full 2HEALTH & FITNESS / Alternative Therapies
Category Full 3HEALTH & FITNESS / Healing
On Sale07/26/22
Title StatusAS
US Price$24.99
CDN Price$33.99
Cover StatusFinal
A whole new generation is waking up to the power and potential of psychedelic medicine and altered states of consciousness. Whether you’re an experienced psychedelic explorer or just curious, The Trip Journal is an easy-to-use guide to help those working with psychedelic practices through their journey.
TitleAn ABC of Childhood Tragedy
AuthorPeterson, Jordan B, Dr.
Sub-ImprintLibra Press
Category Full 1POETRY / Subjects & Themes/Death, Grief, Loss
Category Full 2FICTION / Humorous/Black Humor
Category Full 3HUMOR / Form/Limericks & Verse
On Sale10/25/22
Title StatusBSB
US Price$29.99
CDN Price$39.99
Cover StatusFinal
Wickedly penned by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, best-selling author of 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, An ABC of Childhood Tragedy unforgettably depicts the doomed and desperate lives of Adella, Bertram, Cynthia and their cohort of catastrophe.
TitleYou're Not a Real Parent Until...
AuthorDooley, Scott
Sub-ImprintLibra Press
Category Full 1HUMOR / Topic/Marriage & Family
Category Full 2COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Humorous
Category Full 3HUMOR / Form/Comic Strips & Cartoons
On Sale06/13/23
Title StatusAS
US Price$19.99
CDN Price$26.99
Cover StatusFinal
The perfect, hilarious, must-have for any parent. You’re Not a Real Parent Until… provides definitive proof that no parent is alone (especially in the bathroom).