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TitleIn Praise of Wasting Time
AuthorLightman, Alan
Sub-ImprintTED Conferences LLC
Category 1Psychology
On Sale05/15/18
US Price$16.99
CDN Price$22.99
In this timely and essential book that offers a fresh take on the qualms of modern day life, Professor Alan Lightman investigates the creativity born from allowing our minds to freely roam, without attempting to accomplish anything and without any assigned tasks.
TitleThe Path
AuthorPuett, Michael
Sub-ImprintSimon & Schuster
Category 1Philosophy
On Sale02/07/17
US Price$16
CDN Price$22
For the first time, an award-winning Harvard professor shares his wildly popular course on classical Chinese philosophy, showing you how ancient ideas—like the fallacy of the authentic self—can guide you on the path to a good life today.
TitleThe Stuff
AuthorJeter, Sharlee
Sub-ImprintJeter Publishing
Category 1Self-Help
On Sale03/19/19
US Price$16
CDN Price$22
Everyone has difficult moments in life. But everyone also has the ability to overcome hardships—and to not only survive but thrive. Discover how to realize your own potential with “one of the most inspiring and motivating books of our time” (Wes Moore, New York Times bestselling author).