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AuthorShlain, Tiffany
Sub-ImprintGallery Books
Category 1Self-Help
On Sale09/24/19
US Price$26
CDN Price$35
In 24/6, Tiffany Shlain explores how turning off screens one day a week can work wonders on your brain, body, and soul.
TitleThe Stuff
AuthorJeter, Sharlee
Sub-ImprintJeter Publishing
Category 1Self-Help
On Sale03/19/19
US Price$16
CDN Price$22
Everyone has difficult moments in life. But everyone also has the ability to overcome hardships—and to not only survive but thrive. Discover how to realize your own potential with “one of the most inspiring and motivating books of our time” (Wes Moore, New York Times bestselling author).
TitleTaking the Work Out of Networking
AuthorWickre, Karen
Sub-ImprintGallery Books
Category 1Business & Economics
On Sale10/29/19
US Price$18
CDN Price$25
“For introverts who panic at the idea of networking, Wickre’s book is a deep, calming breath.” —Sophia Dembling, author of The Introvert’s Way

Former Google executive, editorial director of Twitter, self-described introvert, and “the best-connected Silicon Valley figure you’ve never heard of” (Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal), offers networking advice for anyone who has ever canceled a coffee date due to social anxiety. Learn to nurture a vibrant circle of reliable contacts without leaving your comfort zone.