Spring 2019 Simon & Schuster Adult Distributed Client Catalog
Imprint: Weldon Owen
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TitlePaul Ricard
AuthorMurphy, Robert
Sub-ImprintWeldon Owen
Category 1Biography & Autobiography
On Sale12/11/18
US Price$30
CDN Price$39.99
The biography of Paul Ricard—whose eponymous company Pernod Ricard produced and popularized pastis, an anise aperitif from his native Marseille—embodies a wonderfully rich business success story of the 20th century. Overcoming significant adversity amid the turmoil of the 1930s, Ricard built a renowned premium spirits brand, parlaying the beauty and mystique of Provence into a worldwide libation.
TitleLittle Treats Cookies
AuthorKlivans, Elinor
Sub-ImprintWeldon Owen
Category 1Cooking
On Sale02/05/19
US Price$19.99
CDN Price$26.99
An adorably illustrated package featuring 40 mouthwatering recipes for cookies—from classic favorites and beautifully piped creations to luscious brownies and bars—this go-to guide will inspire showstopping treats for gifts, special occasions, and everyday snacks.
TitleLittle Treats Donuts
AuthorKlivans, Eleanor
Sub-ImprintWeldon Owen
Category 1Cooking
On Sale02/05/19
US Price$19.99
CDN Price$26.99
This adorably illustrated collection of more than 40 outstanding recipes for donuts—from yeast-raised puffs filled with jelly, to glazed rings topped with toasted nuts, to chocolate-covered bite-size drops—guarantees a special treat for everyone.
TitleThe Total Skywatcher's Manual
AuthorAstronomical Society of the Pacific
Sub-ImprintWeldon Owen
Category 1Science
On Sale02/12/19
US Price$16.99
CDN Price$19.99
For stargazers, comet-spotters and planet-seekers looking to enhance your deep sky knowledge and observations—this is your quintessential guide. The Total Skywatcher’s Manual will help you choose the best telescope, identify constellations and objects in the night sky, search for extraterrestrial phenomena, plan star parties, capture beautiful space imagery and much more. With high-quality design, intricate detail, and a durable flexicover—this manual is the perfect gift!
TitleThe New Air Fryer Cookbook
AuthorWilliams Sonoma Test Kitchen
Sub-ImprintWeldon Owen
Category 1Cooking
On Sale05/21/19
US Price$14.95
CDN Price$16.95
Delicious, easy-to-master recipes and expert knowhow for cooking healthier, high-flavor food in a snap with the air fryer.
TitleThe Lonny Home
AuthorSantiago, Sean
Sub-ImprintWeldon Owen
Category 1House & Home
On Sale05/07/19
US Price$35
CDN Price$45
All those luxe decor ideas you see on Pinterest and in glossy magazines are great for inspiration, but how do you cut through the noise and create your own dream house—one that’s perfectly cultivated for your space, personality, family, and budget? Let The Lonny Home—a gorgeous and thoughtful guide from Lonny Magazine, the ultimate online destination for interiors inspiration—help you craft your ultimate authentic living space.
TitleMother & Daughter Journal
Sub-ImprintWeldon Owen
Category 1Family & Relationships
On Sale03/26/19
US Price$18.99
CDN Price$25.99
A modern keepsake album for documenting and celebrating the unique bond that exists between mothers and daughters at any stage of their relationship.