Summer 2020 Simon & Schuster Adult Distributed Publisher Catalog
Imprint: Pike and Powder
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TitleThe Lombards
AuthorBergamo, Niccola
Sub-ImprintWinged Hussar Publishing
Category Full 1HISTORY / Military/Medieval
Category Full 2HISTORY / Europe/Western
Category Full 3HISTORY / Military/Pictorial
On Sale05/26/20
Title StatusNYP
US Price$30
CDN Price$32
Cover StatusFinal
The Lombards will examine the history, society and warfare of the tribe of “barabrians that first entered Italy in the 6th Century and came to dominate the peninsula to such an extent that they lent their name to an area, “Lombardy” and for a while, all Italians being known as “Lombards”.  It will be illustrated with original works by famed military artist, Giuseppe Rava.
TitleAmerica at War
Sub-ImprintWinged Hussar Publishing
Category Full 1HISTORY / Military/World War I
Category Full 2HISTORY / Military/Pictorial
Category Full 3HISTORY / United States/20th Century
On Sale05/26/20
Title StatusNYP
US Price$40
CDN Price$42
Cover Status
The first world war as seen in the US through gazettes and newspapers. At home and abroad. New and not usually found pictures and illustrations.
TitleThe Lunar Trilogy
AuthorZulawski, Jerzy
Sub-ImprintZmok Books
Category Full 1FICTION / Science Fiction/Steampunk
Category Full 2FICTION / Science Fiction/Action & Adventure
Category Full 3FICTION / Fantasy/Epic
On Sale06/16/20
Title StatusNYP
US Price$18
CDN Price$19
Cover StatusFinal
Trylogia Ksiezycowa (The Lunar Trilogy or The Moon Trilogy is a trilogy of science fiction novels by the Polish writer Jerzy Zulawski, written between 1901 and 1911. It has been translated into Russian, Czech, German and Hungarian, and has been reprinted several times in Poland, but never into English.