Fall 2020 Simon & Schuster Adult Distributed Publisher Catalog
Category: Psychology
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TitleLove: Decoded
AuthorWeintraub, Pamela
Sub-ImprintCentennial Books
FormatPaper Over Board
Category Full 1FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance
Category Full 2PSYCHOLOGY / Interpersonal Relations
Category Full 3FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General
On Sale12/01/20
Title StatusAS
US Price$14.99
CDN Price$19.99
Cover StatusFinal
What makes for a healthy and lasting union in which love prevails? Experts give advcie on how to keep relationships strogn from initial attraction to lasting love. Love Decoded provides everything you need to ensure your passion thrives, whether you're celebrating your first anniversary or your 50th! 
TitleRaising Resilient Sons
AuthorKessler, Colleen, M.Ed
Sub-ImprintUlysses Press
Category Full 1FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting/Motherhood
Category Full 2PSYCHOLOGY / Emotions
Category Full 3PSYCHOLOGY / Developmental/Child
On Sale12/08/20
Title StatusAS
US Price$16.95
CDN Price$22.95
Cover StatusFinal
You're a caring mother of boys, part of the "boy mom" phenomenon—now learn how to raise your son to be compassionate, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent with this parenting guide made just for you.

TitleThe Somatic Therapy Workbook
AuthorShapiro, Livia
Sub-ImprintUlysses Press
Category Full 1PSYCHOLOGY / Psychopathology/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Category Full 2SELF-HELP / Self-Management/Stress Management
Category Full 3PSYCHOLOGY / Mental Health
On Sale12/08/20
Title StatusAS
US Price$17.95
CDN Price$24.95
Cover StatusFinal
Release tension, boost your mood, and heal from traumatic experiences with therapist-approved activities in this easy-to-use guide to somatic therapy.
TitleGrieving Is Loving
AuthorCacciatore, Joanne, Dr.
Sub-ImprintWisdom Publications
Category Full 1PSYCHOLOGY / Grief & Loss
Category Full 2SELF-HELP / Death, Grief, Bereavement
Category Full 3FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Death, Grief, Bereavement
On Sale12/08/20
Title StatusAS
US Price$14.95
CDN Price$19.95
Cover StatusFinal
In the style of a quote-a-day collection, this book from Wisdom’s bestselling author Joanne Cacciatore distills down the award-winning book Bearing the Unbearable into easy-to-access small chunks, and includes much brand-new material, including new prose and poems from Dr. Jo and other sources as well.
TitleThe Parasitic Mind
AuthorSaad, Gad
Sub-ImprintRegnery Publishing
Category Full 1POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies/Conservatism & Liberalism
Category Full 2PSYCHOLOGY / Psychopathology/General
Category Full 3POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Freedom
On Sale10/06/20
Title StatusAS
US Price$28.99
CDN Price$37.99
Cover StatusFinal