Fall 2020 Simon & Schuster Adult Distributed Publisher Catalog
Pub Month: April 2021
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TitleDestroyer of Sorrow
AuthorSheth, Vrinda
Sub-ImprintMandala Publishing
Category Full 1RELIGION / Hinduism/General
Category Full 2RELIGION / Hinduism/Sacred Writings
Category Full 3FICTION / Religious
On Sale04/20/21
Title StatusAS
US Price$35
CDN Price$47
Cover StatusFinal
Delve into the world of Hindu mythology in this beautifully illustrated modern retelling of the classic epic Ramayana.
TitleRise of the Alchemist
AuthorGallant, Craig
Sub-ImprintZmok Books
Category Full 1FICTION / Alternative History
Category Full 2FICTION / Science Fiction/Steampunk
Category Full 3FICTION / Fantasy/Gaslamp
On Sale04/06/21
Title StatusAS
US Price$17
CDN Price$18
Cover StatusFinal
A steampunk alternative history set in the US, 100 years after the failed revolution.  The first novel in a shared author universe where crystals open a door to magic
TitleReact Hooks in Action
AuthorLarsen, John
Sub-ImprintManning Publications
Category Full 1COMPUTERS / Internet/Web Programming
Category Full 2COMPUTERS / Internet/Web Services & APIs
Category Full 3COMPUTERS / Internet/Web Design
On Sale04/13/21
Title StatusAS
US Price$49.99
CDN Price$65.99
Cover StatusFinal
React Hooks in Action teaches you to write fast and reusable React components using Hooks.