Fall 2020 Simon & Schuster Adult Distributed Publisher Catalog
Imprint: Mayo Clinic Press
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TitleMayo Clinic Guide to Arthritis
AuthorPeterson, Lynne S., M.D.
Sub-ImprintMayo Clinic Press
Category Full 1HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases/Musculoskeletal
Category Full 2HEALTH & FITNESS / Pain Management
Category Full 3HEALTH & FITNESS / Healthy Living
On Sale09/08/20
Title StatusNYP
US Price$23.95
CDN Price$29.95
Cover StatusFinal
From the doctors at Mayo Clinic, the top-ranked hospital in the U.S., this book is a complete guide to understanding and living with arthritis. Find the latest expertise on various forms of arthritis, medications and other treatment options, and self care to successfully manage joint pain and continue an active life.
TitleMayo Clinic on Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias
AuthorGraff-Radford, Jonathon, Dr., M.D.
Sub-ImprintMayo Clinic Press
Category Full 1HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases/Alzheimer's & Dementia
Category Full 2HEALTH & FITNESS / Longevity
Category Full 3MEDICAL / Geriatrics
On Sale10/06/20
Title StatusNYP
US Price$21.95
CDN Price$27.95
Cover StatusFinal
Around 50 million people around the world have dementia. Each year, nearly 10 million new cases are reported. By some estimates, the number of people living with dementia could triple by 2050. This book offers an update on what experts know about Alzheimer’s and related dementias, including the latest research into treatment and prevention, ways to live well with dementia, and recommendations for people who care for someone with dementia. 
TitleWhy We Revolt
AuthorMontori, Victor M., M.D.
Sub-ImprintMayo Clinic Press
Category Full 1MEDICAL / Health Policy
Category Full 2POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy/Social Services & Welfare
Category Full 3MEDICAL / Health Care Delivery
On Sale09/29/20
Title StatusNYP
US Price$14.99
CDN Price$20.99
Cover StatusFinal
In a series of brief and personal essays, Why We Revolt describes what is wrong with industrial healthcare, how it has corrupted its mission, and how it has stopped caring. Montori rescues the language of patient care to propose a revolution of compassion and solidarity, of unhurried conversations, and of careful and kind care.