Summer 2021 Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Catalog
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ImprintSimon Spotlight
SubformatBoxed Set
SeriesSchool of Fish
On Sale07/27/21
Title StatusNYP
US Price$17.99
CDN Price$23.99
Trim Size6 x 9
Ages4 - 6
GradesP - 1
Carton Qty12
Inserts/Illusf/c; gloss box w/ velcro closure; plastic handle; gloss cvrs (no sfx); 1 sheet of stickers
TerritoryWorld English
School of Fish Collector's Set (With 20 stickers!)
School of Fish; Friendship on the High Seas; Racing the Waves; Rocking the Tide; Testing the Waters; Crossing the Current
Jane Yolen, Author
Mike Moran, Illustrated by